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Air Con Servicing

Servicing & Maintenance

With any investment, you’ll want to make sure your equipment continues to deliver exceptional results year after year. Our dedicated maintenance plan will help you achieve just that.

Keep your equipment running optimally

At Norwich Air Conditioning we understand the need for keeping your units in perfect condition; lack of maintenance shortens a unit’s lifespan and with no servicing efficiency losses occur resulting in higher energy bills. Our expertise in preventative measures can help to keep things simple and importantly keep running costs down and unit efficiency up.

Electrical Testing

Annual check-up service from £39

In the annual check-up service we target all essential areas. Remove and clean all filters, check air flow readings, inspect wiring and electrical connections, look for worn parts that may need replacing now or in the near future, test all thermostats and controls, inspect and repair refrigerant leaks. A yearly inspection is essential and can easily detect most issues before they occur in operation.

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